Apache Energy engages Hero

Apache Energy engages Hero Engineering to undertake electrical and instrumentation validations for the Varanus Island Gas plant.

Hero completes new gas plant design

Hero Engineering completes Blacktip Onshore gas plant Fire and Gas design. The design considers detector Coverage, Maintainability, Availability and compliance to the plant Fire Explosion Analysis.

Certification Achievement

Hero Engineering achieves ISO9001 certification with SAI Global without exemptions.

View our ISO9001 Certificate

Hero providing Puffin FPSO support

Hero Engineering to provide Puffin FPSO with ongoing electrical, instrument and control engineering support.

Hero Engineering completes validation procedures

Hero Engineering completes validation procedures for Alcan Gove’s large scale FF based DCS.

ISO9001:2000 Certification

Hero Engineering commences ISO9001:2000 certification with SAI Global under certificate QEC24460.