First IEC 61508 Shaft Sink Mine Winder for QLD

Hero Engineering completes turnkey design and implementation of Elect, Control and safety systems for U/G powered winders in QLD.  The winder is the first shaft sinking unit in QLD to be commissioned and operational with DEEDI’s requirement for IEC 61508 compliance.  The Functional Safety engineering used Hero Engineering’s HeroSafe FSM system to manage and document risk assessments, SRS development, SIL verifications and validations.  The safety reviews and designs co-ordinated works in South Africa and Australia to high standard.

This project has been completed concurrently with 2 other significant QLD shaft sink projects to 1,000m and 1,500m respectively that are due for commissioning in Q2 2012.  Both major shaft sinks in Copper and Zinc have also utilised HeroSafe.

Best Staff Training Award 2011 – Belmont Business Awards

Hero Engineering was awarded the Winner of the WA statewide award for ‘Best Staff Training 2011’.  This award confirms our ongoing comittment to employee development, staff certification and client training programmes in the industries that we participate.  The awards are run annually by the Belmont Enterprise Centre with judges, this year, from the Curtin University Business School.

PTTEP – Alarm Rationalisation

Hero Engineering awarded alarm rationalisation for FPSO, Wellhead and subsea control and safety systems.  The systems are centred on DeltaV and DeltaV SIS with around 10,000 I/O.  The works addresses both EMUA191 and ISA 18.2 guidelines with the 7 phases of alarm management from Philosophy development to MOC initiatives.

Woodside Energy – Okha FPSO

Hero Engineering engaged by Woodside Energy for ICSS commissioning in April through to First Oil in September 2011. Ongoing works awarded for competency based training, SIF reviews, alarm testing, ICSS mods and support.

Zenith Award 2011 – Transport, Power and Infrastructure

Hero Engineering was judged winner for the DiCOM Stage 2 project development.  The project uses the HeroSafe safety management system for all IEC61508/62061 compliance, Profibus DP was used exclusively for around 170 drives and  over 150 valves and analysers, Profibus PA was used for all instrumentation.  The control and functional safety resides in an ABB 800xA DCS using S88 batch with functional safety for process and machinery implemented with Pilz safety systems.

The design, performance and safety engineering processes passed all independent peer reviews assisting the project to gain financial approval for full scale development and global rollout.

What the Judges said:

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Hero Engineering for DiCOM Project Development
The Judges said: “This is a well-engineered and well-managed project. The winner accomplished pioneering engineering work on an innovative process in the absence of reference designs or existing standards.”

Zenith Award 2011

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Maersk FPSO – Ngujima-Yin FPSO

Hero Engineering engaged by Maersk for ABB 800xA DCS/SIS modification and ongoing project TQ close-out activities.  Work is expected to complete in June 2011 following successful run-up of the M60 Train A and B compressors and completion of project close-out activities.

Apache Energy – Varanus Island DCS/SIS Replacement

Hero Engineering continues from the success of the Ocean Legend system change-out with a project to replace a Yokogawa uXL DCS with DeltaV and DeltaV SIS.  The system comprises around 3,000 I/O and integrates the Wonnich, John Brookes and Harriet field platforms.  Work has commenced and is scheduled for completion in Q2 2011.

Citadel Resources/Equinox Minerals – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Hero Engineering engaged by TWP Aust. to undertake U/G MV electrical substation design and U/G power installation workpacks for the Jabal Sayid Copper and Gold project in the KSA.  The 249,000 tpa concentrator and mine is scheduled for commissioning in late 2011.

Zenith Award 2010 – Oil and Gas

Hero Engineering receives Finalist Award in the Oil and Gas Category for the Ocean Legend DCS/SIS replacement project.  The Zenith awards are available to all control systems designers and suppliers across Australia and New Zealand and recognise the innovation, technology adoption and management of control system projects.

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Apache Energy – Ocean Legend Platform DCS/SIS Replacement

Hero Engineering completes Apache Energy Ocean Legend manned platform DCS/SIS replacement. The 2500 physical I/O Siemens PCS7 DCS replaced the original APACS DCS.  The new system comprises Siemens Process Device Manager  (PDM), DBA Tools, Solar Turbines’ unit control integration, bussed MCCs, fluenta flare gas and CALM Buoy serial packages.  The project was completed in 8 months without any platform shutdown and provides remote login support, process history to the Apache corporate PI historian and MES via Babelfish.

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