First IEC 61508 Shaft Sink Mine Winder for QLD

Hero Engineering completes turnkey design and implementation of Elect, Control and safety systems for U/G powered winders in QLD.  The winder is the first shaft sinking unit in QLD to be commissioned and operational with DEEDI’s requirement for IEC 61508 compliance.  The Functional Safety engineering used Hero Engineering’s HeroSafe FSM system to manage and document risk assessments, SRS development, SIL verifications and validations.  The safety reviews and designs co-ordinated works in South Africa and Australia to high standard.

This project has been completed concurrently with 2 other significant QLD shaft sink projects to 1,000m and 1,500m respectively that are due for commissioning in Q2 2012.  Both major shaft sinks in Copper and Zinc have also utilised HeroSafe.